Have you begun thinking of your New Year's resolutions?

Let us add one that is easy to accomplish and will offer you health and wellness benefits that are far beyond the difficulty of keeping the resolution. Are you ready for it?

Drink more water in 2012!

Your body contains between 50-80% water and needs (6-8 glasses) of water per day to function properly. While most of our daily water intake comes from foods and sources other than simply drinking a glass of water, use this resolution to simplify your water intake. Proper hydration aids in weight control, toxin release, reduces the occurrence or severity of headaches, muscle aches and much more.

To help you remember to drink more water try attaching it to tasks you already do every day.
Here is a simple schedule to show you how to easily include more water in your day.

  • Glass One: After you brush your teeth in the morning, rinse with water, refill your glass and drink it.
  • Glass Two: Place a glass of water on your desk when you get to work, drink it while you read your email and check your messages.
  • Glass Three: Refill your glass and sip on it until lunch.
  • Glass Four: Order water with lunch instead of pop, coffee, tea or alcohol (caffeinated and alcoholic beverages cause your body to release water rather than absorb it).
  • Glass Five: Returning from lunch head over to the water cooler, catch up on any news and refill your glass.
  • Glass Six: Take a glass of water into your afternoon meeting. Sip it any time your attention starts to wander. If you're running the meeting, look around and take note of who is sipping water.
  • Glass Seven: You're home from the commute, grab a glass of water, relax and reflect for a moment, you've put in a great day.
  • Glass Eight: While you prepare dinner have a glass of water handy and sip away.
For dinner have a beverage of your choice, you've just added eight glasses of water to your day.