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March 2013: Tips, eNews & More!

After the Winter Storm of 2013, it's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner!

March 20th is the first day of spring with: certainly many around our office are anxiously awaiting the warmer temperatures. For many of you, March Break is also quickly approaching. This is a great time to come in for a cleaning or catch up on a treatment that you may have started last year.

Nutrition Month
Nutrition Month is hosted annually by the Dietitians of Canada. This year's theme is 'Best Food Forward: Plan, Shop, Cook, Enjoy!' What you eat plays an integral role in your wellbeing, and directly affects your oral health. You can visit this link for some helpful tips and tools regarding nutrition and your health, and to learn more about Nutrition Month. As always, we encourage you to learn more about your health, and remember that the kitchen is a great place to try new things.

Until next month,

Dr. Bruno Cavatassi & the Kingsbury Dental Team

Office News!

Our Office Is Now Offering Two New Services!

Venus White

With the rise of over the counter products, and the awareness of cosmetic dentistry, Teeth Whitening has become a popular service in our office. Whitening is a process that restores stained or discoloured teeth to a healthy, youthful, natural colour.

Under the supervision of a dental professional teeth whitening is very safe, the results from Whitening performed in our office are immediate and can last for as long as a year. In office whitening is ideal if you are looking to make a statement for a special occasion and with touch-ups treatments (at home) every few months you can continue to smile with confidence.
MTM Clear Aligners

MTM clear aligner is an easy, affordable and virtually undetectable way to align your smile without traditional braces. MTM can be used to treat common minor tooth misalignments in adult patients. Whether you're seeking a simple solution to minor tooth alignment issues such as crowding or gaps, or want to correct minor orthodontic relapse, the MTM clear aligner can help.

Please contact the office for more information!

Spring Patient Appreciation Draw!

Our Office Is Giving Away A Free Venus White Take Home Whitening Treatment

Draw will take place in June 2013

*please call or email our reception for details

Your Dentist's Top 10 List

1. Dental Checkups Include Oral Cancer Screenings. Dental checkups include screenings for oral cancer, a serious oral disease of the mouth, lips, or throat, but like most cancer is treatable if detected early.

2. Gum (Periodontal) Disease Affects Your Overall Health. One of the principal causes of tooth loss, gum disease has also been linked to other diseases, such as diabetes. If detected early, it can be treated quite effectively.

3. Dental Cleanings and Checkups are Extremely Important to your Wellbeing. Your dentist wants to prevent problems before they happen: regular checkups and cleanings will help to maintain your teeth and gums.

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Black Bean Salad with Fresh Mint

Legumes are plant-based foods that are packed with nutrients and can be instrumental to maintaining your overall health. They are high in protein, soluble and insoluble fibre and low in cholesterol. Legumes can be helpful in weight control, low in aid in digestion and extremely versatile, making them easy to incorporate in your diet.

This month we've included an easy-to-make salad that can be used as a satisfying lunch or great side to any dinner.

Click here for the recipe!